What is Tantra

At Sensual Emotion we see Tantra as a means to develop more awareness of pleasure in the body, to bring more well-being to your life in harmony with your spirit.

Tantra is a holistic experience and can activate your sexual energy and expand your consciousness.

Tantric massage originates from India and stands for more than just body massage. It combines the principles of tantra, bioenergy, anatomy and meditation. Eastern nations have always treated sexual energy with respect. They recognised its importance for a healthy life, both physically and spiritually. They treated it as equal to science and art.

Worship of the body and orgasmic pleasure

In Tantra, massage is used so that two people can connect through physical contact. It reveres the body and represents orgasmic pleasure. In tantric massage, the therapist masters the energy to create inner channels that lead the person to higher levels of orgasmic awareness.

The Chakras

Was ist Tantra - Sensual Emotion - 1The original tantric massage presupposes an understanding of the energy channels in the human body through which, according to the teachings of the Taoist philosophers, the life energy - the Chi - flows.
This includes knowledge of the role and purpose of all chakras in the human body and their connections in relation to internal and external influences sublimated through acupressure points on the body.

The tantric massage is therefore a combination of the classic relaxation massage and the stimulation of the erogenous zones.

The erogenous zones include not only the genitals, but also numerous other places on the body of men and women. Tantric massage is about activating, energising, opening and connecting the energy centres of our being (the chakras).

Tantric massage promotes a healthy libido so that we can reach the other parts of the personality that are usually neglected. Sexual energy can heal us and prolong our lives, and reach a deep state of happiness.

Awaken and intensify sexual energy

The Tantra massage begins with a simple relaxation technique where the visitor is placed on a massage chair or futon. The masseuse then begins to gently massage the body, focusing on specific energy points known as 'chakras'.

The massage is performed to harmonise and activate the energy so that deep relaxation and a sense of well-being can be achieved. Unlike traditional massage techniques, Tantra massage aims to awaken and intensify the sexual energy of the recipient. This is achieved by massaging specific areas of the body known as "Erogenous Zones".

A Tantra massage can be done alone, for men the lingam massage and for women the Yoni Massage or as a couple be performed. There are also special workshops and trainings that enable couples to learn the techniques of Tantra massage and integrate them into their sex life.

However, it is important to note that Tantra massage is not a form of sexual service. Tantra massage is an experience that can be both physically and mentally enriching when performed by a qualified and experienced masseuse such as those at Sensual Emotion.