Tantra Massage for Men

The Lingam Massage - the Tantra Massage for Men

In Tantra, the penis is called the lingam, which means "light stick" in Sanskrit. A tantric massage is a massage of the entire body from head to toe, including the lingam, testicles, perineum and, in the case of sexual healing, the male sacred spot located at the prostate.

The difference between a tantric massage and an erotic massage is that the erotic massage is a sensual massage with a purely sexual aim, whereas the tantric massage aims at the expansion of sexual energy, personal development, expansion of consciousness and spirituality.

Orgasm is not the goal, although it is not ruled out.

During the tantric massage, sexual energy is awakened throughout the nervous system, harmonising the chakras and purifying the energy channels of the entire body. Its purpose is to connect sexuality with love, to unblock the sacred point, to allow the kundalini energy to rise and to learn to sublimate this energy and thus control ejaculation. That is, a tantric massage has no sexual purpose, satisfying a lascivious need.

Prostate massage

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The anus is an important erogenous zone, the G-spot of the man is located here. Often the muscles of the anus are hardened by blockages and this disturbs the flow of sexual energy.

With a sensitive massage, the muscles can loosen up again. During the massage, stimuli are created in the ureters and the muscles of the prostate contract. This leads to gentle contractions of the pelvic floor muscles, which can even trigger an orgasm.

The looser the anus becomes, the more sensitive it becomes to the sexual energy flow and a prostate massage can become a very pleasurable and possibly new experience.

The tantric massage is therefore a combination of the classic relaxation massage and the stimulation of the erogenous zones.

The erogenous zones include not only the genitals, but also numerous other places on the body of men and women. Tantric massage is about activating, energising, opening and connecting the energy centres of our being (the chakras).

Tantric massage promotes a healthy libido so that we can reach the other parts of the personality that are usually neglected. Sexual energy can heal us and prolong our lives, and reach a deep state of happiness.

Experience the amazing world of lingam massage and discover a new dimension of sensual relaxation.

Our lingam massage is all about the male body and the lingam, the symbol for the male phallus. Our experienced masseuses know how to take you on a journey through your senses and activate your sexual energy. Through special massage techniques and touches, your arousal is heightened and you experience a deeper connection to your body.

The Lingam massage is not only a physical experience, but also a spiritual one. During the massage you will learn to control your sexual energy and experience your pleasure in a new way.

Let our masseuses pamper you and experience a new form of relaxation. Book your lingam massage today and surrender to the pleasure that only the touch of an experienced masseuse can offer.