Massage specials

Our team is not only trained in tantra massages, but we are masters of many different massage techniques

However, we do not offer classic massages apart from the Tantra massages, but integrate the various massage techniques into our Tantra sessions in order to offer you more excitement, joy and variety.

We also always like to try new things and are always curious about new techniques and try to think a lot of things in a new way. This is certainly an important differentiator from other studios. In order to be able to offer this, you also need a very good and creative team that is willing to experiment. present here.

Samurai massage - Bamboo broom

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Here we use a bamboo broom for a deeply relaxing massage. With this technique, even samurai fighters could be brought back to shape after a hard day on the battlefield, in order to forget the strains of the day.

Milki Massage

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Lasts about 30 minutes, takes place in a supine position, begins with a light massage of the legs, then the back, then concentrates on the intimate parts of the body: lingam, anus and prostate, depending on the client's needs, until the moment of orgasm, which can be stimulated.

Playful accessories

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We like to use various accessories that make our massage sessions more exciting. Depending on your wishes, mood and desire, we attach various feathers, chains and other materials that feel electrifying on the skin. It is especially exciting when we blindfold you. This increases the sensitivity of the skin to an immeasurable level of pleasure and is especially fun for us.

Prostate massage

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The anus is an important erogenous zone, the G-spot of the man is located here. Often the muscles of the anus are hardened by blockages and this disturbs the flow of sexual energy.

With a sensitive massage, the muscles can loosen up again. During the massage, stimuli are created in the ureters and the muscles of the prostate contract. This leads to gentle contractions of the pelvic floor muscles, which can even trigger an orgasm.

The looser the anus becomes, the more sensitive it becomes to the sexual energy flow and a prostate massage can become a very pleasurable and possibly new experience.

Bizarre massage

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The client is tied up with thick ropes on their arms and legs on the Lotus Ostium bed, blindfolded. During this massage, the nerve connections in the erogenous zones are stimulated with elements of domination.

Lotus Ostium Massage

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This massage has been performed in an almost unchanged form for thousands of years. By compressing acupressure points, muscles and tendons, it helps to relieve pain, stiffness and tension. It stretches the limbs, the spine, promotes joint mobility and strengthens the nervous system. It is performed here on a special massage table.


Tibetan massage

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This is a wet shave of intimate body parts such as the lingam, anus and testicles using shaving foam and a disposable razor from Gilette,
Finish with a warm compress and an aloe vera mask.

Thai massage

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Thai massage is a unique type of body and muscle massage characterised by body stretching and intensive deep point massage.

Nowadays, classical Thai massage is considered a medical discipline used in the treatment of various problems.


Tao Massage

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The masseuse distributes energy throughout the body with gentle strokes. This awakens your life energy and at the same time, using a special energy technique, additional energy is pumped into every part of your body, which also helps the body to recover. The aim of Tao massage is to recharge your energy, harmonise your soul and body, dissolve both physical and mental blockages and bring you to a state of calm, harmony and mental well-being. New energy and joy of life will fill you and many other positive effects you will feel during and after the Tao massage.


Singing Bowl Massage

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When we feel that you need a little more relaxation, we turn to the singing bowl technique, because there is hardly anything more relaxing that clears your mind at the same time.

Tibetan singing bowls can create a kind of energy vibration that can help to relieve stress, heal pain or depression and create a deep sense of peace and well-being.

After a session with singing bowls, our clients report improved memory, clarity, vitality and ability to act. Many also report a deep sense of calm, they sleep well and feel the effects of the treatment over several days.

Lava Stones - Hot Stone Massage

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The hot lava stones are skilfully placed on the body to allow energies to flow while the masseuse activates the power lines.

Classical and Swedish massage

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Swedish massage, described around 1830, is considered the basic form of massage in Western cultures. It uses different types of friction and kneading and is mainly used to treat back pain, tense muscles, insomnia and stress-related problems. During the massage, one lies on a table or sits on a bed and the body is covered with a towel, which among other things helps to raise the body temperature. The massage can either focus on a specific part of the body or on the whole body.

The Nuru Massage - according to Japanese tradition

The Japanese massage technique nuru is a traditional erotic massage from the bathhouses of eastern Asia. Geishas liked to pamper men of high status with the stimulating body-to-body massage after long days of work.

Let yourself be enchanted by the Japanese tradition! The massage technique provides relaxation, stimulates the libido permanently and lets you forget the stress of everyday life.

With gentle movements, all your muscle areas are massaged and rubbed with an oil containing minerals that moisturises and glides pleasantly - "Nuru" is the Japanese word for "gliding" or "gliding". In the first phase of the nuru, the muscles are loosened and the blood circulation in the body is stimulated. Here you can gradually let all the stress factors of the day slide away and concentrate fully on your body.

At the climax of the Nuru massage, the masseuse uses not only her hands but her entire body. Gradually, the touches intensify and the intensity of the massage increases. Your intimate area is gently caressed with tantric methods throughout the massage.

In ancient Japan, men usually used Nuru to get in the mood for an exuberant and atmospheric evening. Nuru combines soothing body care with pleasurable reveries and relaxation techniques, making it the perfect way to start the weekend or wind down after a busy day.