Tantra Massage for Women

During the yoni massage a woman can experience great pleasure, a sexual awakening or an energetic full body orgasm.

The Yoni Massage - the Tantra Massage for Women

Tantra Massage für Frauen - Sensual Emotion - 1In Tantra, the female sexual organs (vulva, vagina, uterus) are called yoni, which means "sacred place or temple" in neo-Tantric language. A tantric massage is a massage of the entire body from head to toe, including the entire vulva and, in the case of sexual healing, also the sacred spot in the vagina.

This sacred place where life originates and springs is a source of strength, energy, pleasure and healing. It is a doorway and connection with the earth and the divine and at the same time a place for emotions, stress and trauma.

Your innermost

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Before we start the yoni massage, you will be asked for permission. You can feel inside yourself if you feel ready to receive this intimate massage. In particular, women who have experienced rape and sexual abuse may need additional sessions before they can allow a yoni massage.

During the yoni massage, your groin area, your pubic area and your outer genitals are first massaged gently and extensively. Energy is allowed to flow. Before our masseuse touches your innermost being in the deepest sense to locate the sacred point of the yoni, she asks you again for permission. Deep blockages or traumas stored there can be released and often also healed. Blockages become noticeable through numb, itchy or painful spots. These can be harmoniously released through loving touch, breathing and sounds. During the yoni massage a woman can experience great pleasure, a sexual awakening or an energetic full body orgasm. It can alternate from pain to pleasurable pleasure or vice versa. Depending on what is happening at the time. All experiences are significant and welcome.

The massage ends with a final relaxation to integrate the energy moved and the experiences lived. The experience is different for each person, but overall you will feel energised, harmonised and with an overall sense of deep wellbeing.

Discover a new world of relaxation and sensuality with our Yoni Massage.

Our Yoni Massage is all about female sexuality and the stimulation of the female sexual organ. Our experienced masseuses know how to take you on a journey through your senses and activate your sexual energy. Through special massage techniques and touches, you will become aroused and feel a deep connection to your body.

Yoni massage is a physical and spiritual experience. During the massage you learn to control your sexual energy and experience your pleasure in a new way.

Surrender to the pleasure that only the touch of an experienced masseuse can offer. Book your yoni massage today and experience a new dimension of relaxation and sensuality.