A special Tantra experience in Vienna, with a lot of feeling and experience and without any esotericism.

A special Tantra experience in Vienna, with a lot of feeling and experience and without any esotericism.

Unforgettable Tantra Massages in Vienna

Many people think of tantra as a small room where people roll naked on mats and mountains of pillows and massage each other, which eventually degenerates into vigorous group sex. However, the extensive art of kneading is not as pornographic as many imagine a tantric massage to be.

Tantric massage is a respectful massage ritual in which the entire body is touched and massaged in a harmonious and natural way - yes, even in the intimate area.

We do professional Tantra and renounce esotericism.

Most providers of professional and serious Tantra massages are strongly spiritual and esoteric. We deliberately leave out these aspects. Spirituality arises for us quite incidentally, through the conscious occupation with the body and the mind.

For us, pleasure, fulfilment and relaxation should be in the foreground. We do not need esotericism for this.

We are proud of our creative Masseuses

Every masseuse at Sensual Emotion is professionally trained in many different massage techniques. We motivate our masseuses to incorporate all their skills and creativity into the tantric massages, having fun trying them out, to make your experience fantastic every time. Here you get an overview of what we can offer you as an additional experience enhancement.

Does one come to orgasm during a tantric massage?

An orgasm is not necessarily on the agenda during the intimate massage itself. If you have one - great. If you don't, don't worry, because that's also completely normal. Because it's more about the spiritual level and expanding your consciousness.

However, you can only reach this level if you get your "sexual energies" flowing. Yes, that's what Tantra calls it. The credo is: sexual energy unfolds during orgasm and this can be used much more effectively than simply "discharging" it in the course of a climax.

The goal is: learn to consciously perceive your sexual energy and thus discover a completely new side of your sexuality.

What is a tantra massage about?

Mainly, as I said, about sexual energy. Because not only are lots of hormones released during sex, according to Tantra teachings, sexual energy also flows. According to tantra, this can fuel your desire and take you to higher dimensions - to ecstasy.

Great deep emotions during a Tantra massage

Emotions that lie deep within you can come up during a tantric massage. Crying is therefore not an uncommon reaction. Not because the massage causes physical pain, of course, but because unconscious or repressed feelings are suddenly released. However, most women experience the massage as a soothing, sensual experience and can really let themselves go.

Ecstasy, what is that actually?

Complete ecstasy is a loss of control, an experience of pleasure that goes beyond normal consciousness. A moment in which you completely lose yourself and let go completely. You feel the pleasure spread throughout your entire body and become more and more intense in waves. Your mind is not distracted by anything, you feel freed from worries, everyday stress, pressure to perform and the expectations of others.

In this exhilarating moment of bliss, you are aware only of yourself and your body, which usually ends with an explosive orgasm that makes your entire body shake from head to toe. Some women even start to tremble during the intense sensation of pleasure.

Our team consists exclusively of very experienced Tantra masseuses.

Tantra is a very intimate experience that also requires a lot of trust. All our masseuses are not only professionally trained, it is also important to us that they are emphatic personalities and can also convey joy and fun in Tantra.

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