Tantra massage at Sensual Emotion in Vienna

Experience an authentic tantra massage at Sensual Emotion in Vienna

With our exclusive tantra massage studio in Vienna, we offer a unique combination of authentic tantra massage and varied elements of other massage techniques. Our speciality:

We deliberately avoid esoteric practices and concentrate on the truly impressive physical and emotional benefits of massage.

If you are looking for a deep and versatile massage experience, you have come to the right place.

Tantra massage is an ancient practice that focuses on the holistic connection of body, mind and soul. It integrates elements of mindfulness and sensual touch to facilitate deep relaxation and an intense physical and emotional experience.

At Sensual Emotion in Vienna, we offer this traditional massage without esoteric components, based on scientific findings and practical experience from countless massage experiences with our clients.

Sensual Emotion offers you a special tantra experience

Our tantra massage studio in Vienna is characterised by several special features that set us apart from other providers:

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    Professional and sensitive masseurs:

    Our masseuses are specially trained in the art of tantra massage and have years of experience. They work sensitively and respectfully to offer you a safe and trusting environment.

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    Individualised support:

    Every massage at Sensual Emotion is individually tailored to your needs and wishes. We take the time to understand your expectations and needs and create a customised and exciting massage.

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    A variety of massage techniques:

    In addition to the classic Tantra massage, we integrate varied elements of other massage techniques to offer you a unique and exciting experience.


Samurai massage with bamboo whisk:

This technique utilises the healing properties of bamboo brooms to relieve muscle tension and promote blood circulation.


Playful accessories such as feathers and chains:

These elements provide additional sensory stimulation and enhance the sensory experience.


Milki Massage:

With this technique, the masseuse concentrates particularly on the intimate parts of the body: the lingam, anus and prostate.


Prostate massage:

A special technique to promote the health and well-being of the male body.


Elements of domination:

For those looking for a more intense and controlled massage experience.

Lotus Ostium

Lotus Ostium:

Performed on a special massage table. By compressing acupressure points, muscles and tendons, it helps to relieve pain, stiffness and tension.


Tibetan massage:

A pleasant wet shave of intimate body parts such as the lingam, anus and testicles.


Thai massage:

A dynamic and energising massage that combines stretching and acupressure.


Tao Massage:

Based on Taoist principles, this massage aims to harmonise the life energy.

Singing bowls

Singing bowl massage:

This technique utilises the healing vibrations of singing bowls to promote deep relaxation.


Hot stone massage with hot lava stones:

The warmth of the stones penetrates deep into the muscles and relieves tension.


Classic and Swedish massage:

Proven techniques to promote muscle relaxation and improve circulation.

The positive effects of a Tantra massage:

A tantra massage at Sensual Emotion in Vienna offers you numerous advantages:

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    Deep relaxation:

    Leave the stress of everyday life behind you and enjoy deep physical and mental relaxation.

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    Increasing sensuality:

    Experience a more intensive perception of your body and your senses.

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    Emotional healing:

    Mindful touch can help to release emotional blockages and heal old injuries.

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    Energetic balance:

    By stimulating the energy centres (chakras), the life energy can flow freely again, which leads to an increased sense of well-being.

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    Improved body awareness:

    Experience increased mindfulness and better body awareness.

Visit us in Vienna and experience our tantra arts.

Our Tantra massage studio Sensual Emotion is located in Vienna 1120 and is easily accessible. We invite you to visit us and experience the transformative power of tantra massage for yourself. Our doors are open to anyone who wants to spice up their search for inner peace and deep relaxation with a distinct pinch of sensuality.

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